Fly Life Canada was started to provide an unparalleled selection of fly tying materials for the perspective flytyer to tie their ultimate fly patterns!  Fly Life Canada sells high quality products (Semperfli, Hends Products, Eikre Fly and Stonfo) acquired from our European partners; arguably the heart, soul and most knowledgeable in the world for the art of fly fishing.

The Semperfli products we carry include Nano Silk – the world’s strongest fly tying thread, a selection from synthetics to threads and chenille’s, Picric Dyed products and the highly popular Micro Straggle String.

In the Hends Product line, we carry a selection of dubbings from rabbit, opossum or squirrel, various synthetics and well-developed Czech Nymphing rig ups.

When it comes to single hand rods, reels and fly lines, Eikre Fly is the best! All of the Eikre including Spey rods we carry use the latest technology in carbon graphite, with 5 different rod categories in a range from 3 to 8 weights.

Stonfo Corporation was born from a metal engineering company and their products are simply some of the best engineering designed fly tying tools and vises at the most affordable prices in the world!

Want to buy Fly Life Canada materials? Contact us today at info.flylifecanada@gmail.com